A lot has been quoted and written about the diversity of this country. Welcome to one of world’s friendliest countries. The vivacious amalgamation of culture, traditions and festivals are set to captivate many travelers’ attention throughout the year.


Although, adventure in India is meant for intrepid travelers, those who fashion a niche for the adrenaline rush and are infected with lust for wandering. Every destination here has something to offer, something distinctive and daring.  

Flashpacking India filters for you some of the best-unplugged adventures and unbeatable wilderness. Let’s bring out the ‘’raw Indian’’ and breathe new life into your world.

Blessed with marvellous topography encompassing mighty mountains, highest altitude passes, vast sand dunes and rugged terrains these hilly regions not only portray nature’s poetic excellence but also screams out the hidden adventure.  Experience the Himalayan aura Flashpacking style.

LADAKH: First things first, PLAN A TRIP! Write your own motorcycle diaries as you pass through the gorgeous lands of Manali to Leh.  Known for its thrill, Ladakh offers some of world’s most unique and strenuous trekking routes and mountain climbing.


The most famous treks are;

Markha valley trek, it is located between Ladakh and Zanskar range in the Himalayan region. En route Markha valley witness some awe-inspiring Buddhist monasteries and nearby villages. To visit this rural beauty the best time is during June to Mid-October.


Stok Kangri trek takes you to the newest heights of mountaineering. It is for the tough hearted and the route it takes you to is simply breathtaking. 


Chadar trek is one of a kind. This ‘’freezing Shangri-la’’ is connected with Zanskar valley which goes deep in the mountains and runs along the Zanskar river.

Apart from these experiences, there are other phenomenal activities in Ladakh, such as paragliding, river rafting, camping, Yak and horse-riding and camel safaris.

VALLEY OF FLOWERS TREK (national park): Located in Uttarakhand, a unique trek route, which is just too beautiful to miss. This valley is blanketed with a quilt of wide variety of flowers. The vibrant and colourful foreground of the valley compliments the rough background of mighty mountains. It is a national park, so you might just get luckier to witness some of the rare species like snow leopards and Brown bear. Best season to visit is between august to October. 

Locating a fine tropical city with salubrious weather acts as a great redeemer in the searing heat of India. For those who share an innate love for water sports, Flashpacking India knows best.  Home to several rivers running through the country, slosh and dive in the exquisite water bodies, feel the fresh and powerful waves as you rove through steep gorges and Ginormous Mountains. 

Rishikesh, uttaranchal –it will captivate you by its enchanting weather, flora and fauna. It is widely popular for white-water river rafting. One can also enjoy trekking and camping here.
KERALA is known for its beach escapes and the vast groves of coconut trees and amazing labyrinth of backwaters.  Kerala for a water adventurer is a paradise as it proffers a wide variety of activities, such as para-sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling and bamboo boat rides. It is also famous for its snake boat race festival.

ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR islands are a group of islands. It belongs to India but is geographically closer to Southeast Asia. It is at the juncture of Bay of Bengal. Andaman and Nicobar islands are blessed with gorgeous beachscapes and a view that is mesmerizing.

GOA is known for its vibrant lifestyle, sunburn festival, and is one of the most exotic destinations in India. Goa has several beaches and offers all kinds of water sports.

ARUNACHAL PRADESH has its speciality too; the Siang river is famous for rafting here. Siang or Brahmaputra River is one of the major rivers of India and it flows through the hidden gorges of Himalayas and passes down to the Bay of Bengal, running across many states. Raft through the turquoise blue water and experience a delightful rush not easy to let go.

Explore the bewildering vastness of dense national parks and wildlife Sanctuaries. India is a home to many endangered species and diverse flora and fauna.
KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK is one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries. It is situated in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam.  Its vast drapes of green lands and sundry flora are gorgeous. Kaziranga’s major attraction is the Great one-horned Rhinoceroses along with tigers, Indian bison, Indian Elephants, swamp deers and many more. The safari here gives you an exciting view of some of the unique species. The best season to visit is from mid-November to April.

GIR NATIONAL PARK; take a flashpacking tour to the Gir national park, Gujarat. Keep your cameras alive and click away the wildest predators. View the Asiatic lion in their untamed habitat and other unusual species. 

ERAVIKULAM NATIONAL PARK is stretched along the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala. This park has many sites that will make your trip simply memorable. It is home to Nilgiri Tahr. The immense terrain of this park is covered with the sheets of shola grasslands. The highest mountain peak of Himalayas in the south India, Anamudi is also located here. It is a serene place to be, but keep in mind that the park is closed from January to February, as it is the breeding season.

KEOLADEO NATIONAL PARK (BHARATPUR BIRD SANCTUARY): It is located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. As a flashpacker, you will be enthusiastic to know that it is famous for its unique trek routes that can easily be completed via walk or cycling. This park is locally known as ‘’Ghana’’ which is a combination of woodlands, grasslands, and swamps. Most common and popular species here are the Siberian Cranes. This national park is one of its kinds and frames a spectacular structure of man-made nature.

JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Since it is the oldest national park in India, it still celebrates the varied diversity of flora and fauna in its most enchanting form. This is a dense region covered with vibrant eco-system. People’s preference here is to witness the majestic Bengal Tiger and if you’re lucky you might just see one. Flashpackers always make it their task to get awesome shots for their wild itineraries.

Welcome to the quintessential Flashpacker’s Eden of India. Every journey embarked upon here is unforgettable. Travelling in India will not be complete without exploring the gorgeous land of Northeast. Its remote and curious glory is full of revelations. A wonderland of eight states celebrates their mixed and colourful culture and traditions.


Flashpacking India zoomed in the best adventure destinations in Northeast for you to explore.

GOECHE LA TREK is a high mountain pass in Sikkim. There are many routes to trek to Goeche la, although the most preferred one is through Khangchendzonga. It’s a national park with the mystical and mesmerising backcloth of the Kangchenjunga mountains. The route commences from Yuksom, while you’re here, don’t forget to get a permit from the local authorities to enter the restricted premises. The trek in itself defines natural beauty; it will take you to the placid ambience of Tibetan villages. The picturesque view is absolutely jaw-dropping. Ideal time to trek here is from March to May.

SELA PASS in the Tawang district represents the mighty Eastern Himalayas. If you want a snowy getaway, then this is the place for you as is it snow-capped throughout the year and a stream of eye-catching Sela Lake flows along the pass is also frozen. Sela pass is the main route to Tawang.

TAWANG MONASTERY is the largest monastery in India. It epitomizes the celestial charm of numerous monks and Lamas. This colourful and intricately structured monastery consists of many Gompas, a museum, libraries, which preserves the ancient artefacts and religious manuscripts. The Buddhist temple is surrounded by lush green oasis. It is idyllic for trekking and hiking. 

Flashpacking India is known for their tech-savvy travel lifestyle and exploring the most unplugged destinations in India. Flashpackers brings to you the raunchy mountainous railway rides that you must not miss.


THE KALKA-SHIMLA RAILWAY: Shimla, once a summer capital of the British is blessed with bountiful splendour of the Himalayas. The lovely roads, food vendors and the amazing weather and tourist crowd are the charisma of this place. This narrow-gauge railway runs the distance of 96km in 6hours depicting a sweeping view of the majestic Himalayas. It connects Kalka, a town in Panchkula to Shimla. The Train covers up some important stops along the way like Solan and Dharampur.

DARJEELING HIMALAYAN RAILWAY is actually a toy train as it has the narrowest gauge. The panoramic view of the forest hills and the valley from the train are awe-inspiring. It covers the distance of 88km from Siliguri to Darjeeling.


NILGIRI MOUNTAIN RAILWAY  covers 46km of mountainous terrain, starting from the town of Mettupalayam to Ooty in the Nilgiri hills, famously known as the ‘’Blue mountains’’ in Tamil Nadu. The train passes through several tunnels and runs along rustic bridges.


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