Flashpacking is a new term refers to the modern travelers. Flashpacking came out from backpacking. It is an evolution refers to more sophisticated class of travelers, who travel in a comfort and stylish way. They can be defined on the basis of what they pack, how they travel and types of activities they do during the trip. Numbers of flashpacker travelers are increasing day by day. Flashpackers are trendy than other travelers. Travelers might be a flashpackers before without knowing the meaning of it. After knowing about it will make you a smarter explorer. Imagining all the advantages you can enjoy after knowing about flashpacking. It will quickly encourage you to try it alone, with friends or with your family. 


How flashpacking came into existence:


Economic growth:

There are many backpackers turning into flashpackers as the economy is increasing, people are earning good money and want to spend in travel. Flashpackers like to travel in comfort than staying in hostels and guest houses. 


Time constrains:

You might be a backpacker when you were a student but when you start working you have limited time for holidays. So you would rather prefer traveling by air than traveling by train for time saving. 



Flashpackers are technically sound and they like being social. They are equipped with devised like tablet, smart phone, i-pod or a smart digital camera as photography is also important to them.


There are many prospects of us to better cater to your needs as flashpackers, but that will only happen if we flashpackers unite. The Flashpacking India is a community for the travelers to meet on a single platform and travel as a flashpacker.


Know more about flashpacking: You might react: Yes! I am a flashpacker

Picture was takes at during the flashpacking trip to Delhi

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