Flashpacking v/s Backpacking

In this rapidly growing and changing world, we want to make the most of what we have and discover to the fullest. The generation next idea flows in the DNA of many and the most interesting and pristine quality is that we want to create a lifestyle and a career for ourselves.

Travelling is all about opening an envelope of curiosity. As an explorer, an avid traveler, adventure seeker or a nomad with wanderlust, we are not running out of adjectives to define the variety of travelers in the world. Although, compartmentalizing our trips accordingly should be our top priority.  

The most common form of experiencing a new land and meeting new people are taking the ‘’backpacking’’ tours. Youngsters in the early 20’s and 30’s follow it. It’s basically wandering through towns and places with a all-that-carries-backpack, checking in youth hostels and cheap lodges as they don’t matter much because backpackers don’t prefer to stay at one place for long.

Flashpackers on the other hand are modern day travelers. In the world of adventurers, it is the next best thing. One of most common difference you’ll find between backpackers and Flashpackers is that, Flashpackers don’t believe in impromptu planning, they will chart out everything they need as per their requirements.

Unlike the backpacking trips which are based on a rather limited budget. Flashpacker’s idea of an idyllic experience comes with capturing every memory and the will to pay for the luxury too. Today, anywhere we go a good camera is on top of our ‘’check-list.’’ Flashpackers make it their need to carry a laptop, Smartphone, iPod and other useful gadgets whilst travelling as it helps not only to promote their trip on the social networking websites but also to stay in touch with people while they meet new ones. Flashpackers don’t want to settle for any kind of isolation in their new world, like backpackers but they want to maintain a connection and a strong bond with the community.

I have a feeling that many of you might object this idea by comparing it with something called ‘’elite’’ or ‘’posh’’ travelling. However, Flashpackers don’t intend on spending half their cash on the luxurious hotel rooms. We too keep an eye on our budget and choose wisely, but a good network connection and WI-FI becomes a necessity along with a security blanket we all look for.
Flashpackers seek to experience the world in a unique style without losing touch with the other side of the world. If you are infected with the excitement and rush, then you’re a Flashpacker.

Flashpacking India acts as a reliable travel guide for flashpackers. We aim to create a perfect experience, cherishing every tradition and exploring the unplugged destinations in India. We will serve as your personal guide connected via phones and internet. We make it our prime concern that the travelers learn from the places and feel extravagantly in the easiest manner possible. Flashpacking India will provide you with contacts of local guides, hotels, routes and must-visit destinations.

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