Planned your holidays? Now it is the time for Packing.


-    Travel Documents: keep your travel documents separate in a small bag that is with you always. Where you can put the documents like Passport, Travel Insurance, Traveler Cheques, passport size photographs, medical reports etc. 


-    Medicines: If your doctor recommends any medicines to you, pack them first because you might not get the same one in the destination country. 


-    Clothing: check the weather in the month of traveling or you may ask Flashpacking India for the accurate information. Pack the clothes accordingly. We suggest you to pack fewer clothes to make your journey more comfortable. Avoid carrying white color clothes as they get dirty easily. You can carry dark colors like brown, black, royal blue etc. or any color you like the most.  


-    Travel Gadgets: You can also carry your travel gadgets according you’re your interest. A Netbook or a Tablet or other as per your interest.


-    As a photographer you can start simple with a point and click digital camera that fits in your pocket. If you are more serious travel photographer you may carry a SLR digital camera. Also carry spare battery and a memory card.


-    Suggest you to carry a lock too if you are going for a camping and outdoor trip.


-    For outdoor trips carry a good pair of comfortable walking shoes and full pants.


Basic Travel Kit

-    Itinerary Printout 

-    At least two Copies of PhotoIDs 

-    Passport size photograph

-    Mobile

-    Mobile Charger

-    Pen and a small Diary

-    Bag locks (2 or more)

-    Backpack or Carry bag

-    Extra spectacles with cover

-    Spectacles cover


-    Watch

-    Sunglasses

-    Multi-Plug suggested for remote areas

-    Small water bottle, say 500 ml

-    Match Boxes or Flint or Cigarette Lighter

-    Plastic Bags / Plastic Zip Lock Bags

-    Twist-ties, safety pins

-    Novels as per your interest

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