- Read about your flashpacking destination in advance especially about the people and their culture. Without understanding the common practices such as attire, manners, basic greetings and gestures, punctuality and restrictions, you cannot have the proper experience of the trip. Flashpacking India suggests to Read, Research and Learn.


-    Select the flashpacking destination according to your interest. India is a vast country and every destination has its own charm and own activities to offer. You should select your destination according to your holiday mind and mood. OR you can CONTACT Flashpacking India team to plan your Flashpacker Tour in India,



You sound have proper documentation required for the Indian VISA. Depending on your purpose of visit, you can get an Indian tourist visa (six months), a business visa (6 months, one year or more, multiple entries) or a student visa (up to 5 years). An Indian visa is valid from the day it is issued, not the date of entry. Make sure to check maximum duration per visit with your local embassy.


Many Indian embassies have outsourced visa processing in full or in part to third party companies, so check ahead before going to the embassy. For example, in the USA, you must submit your visa application to Travisa and not the embassy. Applications through these agencies also attract an application fee, above that which is detailed on most embassy websites and should be checked prior to submitting your paperwork. In addition, many Indian embassies only offer visas to residents of that country: this means you should get your visa before you leave home, instead of trying to get in a neighbouring country. Rules and validity of visas will differ based on citizenship. Check the website of the Indian embassy, consulate or high commission in your country or contact the local office.

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