Indian society is very welcoming and rich with the rituals and customs. India's rich and multi-layered cultures are dominated by religious and spiritual themes. While it is a mistake to assume that there is a single unified Indian culture, there certainly are unifying themes that links the various cultures. India is also a home of classical and folk dances. Art and theatre flourish amongst the bustling cities of the country, against the backdrop of the ever expanding western influences. There is a variety of food and beverages in India even you can find variety of teas in different regions on India. Traditional clothing in India varies across different parts of the country and is influenced by local culture, geography, and climate. You may take a home stay experience by staying with an Indian family on a flashpacking trip to India. Indian hospitality is world famous; won’t you like to experience the Indian hospitality on your flashpacking trip?
On a flashpacking trip we suggest you to respect the society culture and laws. Indian culture is quite opposite to the western one. Indians value their family system a lot. Typically, an Indian's family encompasses what would be called the extended family in the West. It is routine for Indians to live as part of the paternal family unit throughout their lives. You experience the same more when on a flashpacking trip to India. We recommend you not only to visit the sites but also communicate with the locals, they are quite happy while answering your questions. 



indian society gathering during a festival in bangalore india

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