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Things to do in India while on a flashpacking trip

Flashpacking India provides a number of opportunities to flashpackers.

Flashpacking activities to do in India are many; a few of them are listed below:

-Participate in cultural & educational city sightseeing trips

- Participate in your own interest activities, like cooking, yoga, learning a different language, etc.

-Charity and volunteering

- Participate in adventure activities like Forest treks, Mountain hikes, River cruises, Hot air ballooning, Cycling through lush green mountains, horse riding in Rajasthan, jeep safari in the Himalayas, and Skiing.

- Camping beside a lake and other soft adventure activities

- Join a music event of your interest

- Explore the eco-adventure flashpacking destinations

- Explore the caves

- Try Yoda and meditation

- Get some spa treatments

- Wildlife and culture photography

- Sports activities

- Cultural fairs & festivals

- Dessert safaris and village walks

- Ride in a heritage train

- Farm activities

- Village tours and rides

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