You won’t mind traveling by flight to avoid the long hour train journeys and drive; if you get the better fare deal on the suggested routes. India offers number of transport options from domestic flight to a local auto (tuk-tuk). Or while traveling in train you might need at least 3rd tier air conditioned class. Below are transport options for flashpackers.

flashpacking travel options in India


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India's large size and uncertain roads make flying a viable option, especially as prices have tumbled in the last few years. Even India's offshore islands and remote mountain states are served by flights. Most Indian airports continue to function with one runway and a handful of boarding gates. If you are flashpacking to a remote destinations like Leh you need to book your flights in advance as few flights are operating in that sector.

Backpacking and Flashpacking in Indian Trains


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Flashpacking on Indian Railways gives you the opportunity to discover the Indian landscape and scenic beauty first hand and is generally more economical than flying domestic. It is one of the safest ways of travel in India. With classes ranging from luxurious to regular, it's the best way to get to know the country and its people. Most train passengers will be curious about you and happy to pass the time with a chat. If you are looking for a better class, you need to book in advance and mist of Indian are travelling in trains and those are booked many days in advance.

backpacking and flashpacking in India by road


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Flashpack by road is the other way to explore this beautiful land. A common rental vehicle is the Tata Indigo or Indica in the plains and Qualis, Scorpio or a jeep in the hills. For the long distance travel by road you can book a bus too. Sleeping berths in coaches are also available in few routes. Traveling by road is a cool idea if you wish to explore different villages’ en-route. Being a flashpacker this option might excite you.

backpacking and flashpacking in India by motorbike. Royal enfield backpacking


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Some people point out that the best way to experience India is on a motorbike. Riding a motorbike and flashpacking across India; you get the closer look and feel of India with all the smells and sounds added. The Royal Enfield is a popular (some would say, the only) choice for its classic looks and great performance. You can also hire a motorcycle in selected destinations like Manali, Rishikesh, leh, Goa etc.

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