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The land of all seasons and for all reasons.

With the paradisiacal beaches, adventurous treks, magnificent palaces, bustling cities, stunning landscapes, fragrant spice bazaars, and Ayurvedic treatments, there is something for everyone. In the North discover the beautiful landscapes while hiking or trekking. If your spirit of adventure is still not satisfied, come down to the Rajasthan and do the desert safari or meet some tigers. In the south, you discover a completely different; adventurous and relaxing. Find some amazing monasteries in the northeast and meet the locals, of course.



Lifetime Ecperiences

The striking land with some of the best trekking trails. Nepal also offers countless opportunities for discovery and adventure tourism. There are numerous cultural and heritage attractions in this nation but widely known as the trekkers’ heaven. Well, if you really want to enjoy the excitement of adventure and discover the wildlife, Nepal would be the supreme destination for you. Nepal has 185 species of mammals found in various parts of the country. Discover the conventional architecture and blessed temples in Nepal’s ancient cities to learn more about the country’s charming culture. 



Happiness is a place!

Bhutan is a place that can remind us of the true meaning of cultural authenticity. The Bhutanese way of life, peace, nightlife, Bhutan-style, and also the ethereal beauty invite travelers around the world. The Tourism Council of Bhutan is clear that its policy of high value, low volume is the accurate policy because Bhutan is just too small for bunch tourism. And as the world begins to discover the Land of the Thunder Dragon, many go away with a sense of having been in an extraordinary place, far from the mental illness of modern living. Here is a land where life may not be materially luxurious but it provides much that is good for humanity. 


Sri Lanka

So Sri Lanka

Looking for nature, beaches and traditions come to Sri Lanka. Spend some quality time on stunning beaches, visit the spice plantations or stay in a homestay. Sri Lanka has cool flashpacking activities to offer.  Sri Lanka is a paradise for eco-flashpackers. This land is blessed with some of the supreme gifts, and it shares them munificently with one and all. Sri Lanka is a place of the ancient complex region which is precipitous in intellectual thought and age-old mores

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