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What is Flashpacking?


Why Flashpacking? 


What is flashpacking? Who are these flashpackers? Have you ever heard of such a word and wondered what it means? It might be a new word for travelers. Many travelers across the world have given their own definitions to form a more integrated meaning of flashpacking. 

Flashpacking is made of two words, flash which means flashy, and packing means backpacking. It is traveling with a slightly bigger budget than backpacking. Flashpacking is the new version of backpacking or you may say it is an advancement to backpacking. Flashpacking is a style of travel born out of backpackers, growing up and spending a bit more money on their travel. In Flashpacking travelers prefer to stay in their comfort zone than staying in hostels or budget guesthouses. Flashpacking refers to the modern-day travelers, who are clever too. Flashpackers are more classy and stylish.


Nowadays, more tourists travel in the flashpacking style of traveling without even knowing about it. Flashpackers are fashion conscious and they may not even have a backpack and bring a wheeled case. Travelers doing flashpacking prefer to stay in good hotels, value for money travel, and make reservations in advance. Flashpacking trips can be leisure, educational and adventurous depending upon their interest. Flashpackers love to participate in a lot of activities during their trips

In short, Flashpacking is fun, gratifying, and an exciting way to travel. Flashpacking is about getting extra out of a trip by participating in high-value travel experiences like vibrant cultural exchanges and activities. Flashpackers buy value-for-money trips according to their interest and make their journey more comfortable and unforgettable. The evolution of backpacker into flashpacker will continue; there’s no doubt about it.


Who are Flashpackers?

Flashpackers are travelers looking for an exciting trip that enables them to learn about local customs and cultures while interacting with native people. A flashpacker enhances the travel experience by spending money on unique and enriching activities. The Flashpacker retains the ethos of backpackers, which is to have a real travel experience, but they take it in a new direction by good spending on the experiences and activities. Flashpackers prefer to participate in a city sightseeing trip, however, they do not like to participate in big groups. They would also like to participate in unique luxury activities or destination specialties. Flashpackers prioritize their spending by going for an air travel option than traveling by train if the distance is too long. ​


Flashpackers travel with style and much more convenience. Being modern travelers flashpackers are technically sound and equipped themselves with the latest travel gadgets and bring cameras, laptops, smart phones, etc. Flashpackers are tech-savvy and do a lot of research on local customs and norms to enhance their interactions with locals. Flashpackers utilize their equipment to enhance their travel experience and they read travel blogs and participate in discussions. Flashpackers like to blog about their unique travel experiences so that other flashpackers can also participate. Flashpackers want adventure and unique activities and are willing to pay for them. Travel photography is also important to flashpackers as they know the memories of a trip are far more important.

Flashpackers represent a new generation of travelers, who are tech-savvy, educated, willing to learn, adventurous, clever, seeking unique opportunities,  nature lovers, and seeking world peace and the definition is still evolving.


So, what kind of traveler you are?? 

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