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Kerala the flashpacker’s paradise, the land of hills, backwaters and serene and beautiful beaches, surrounded by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, offers a lot as a perfect flashpacking destination in India. Kerala is the best place for honeymoon, nature, culture, photography, wildlife and luxury flashpacking holidays.  Kerala ranks among the most expensive regions of India and lodging is particularly costly – and tends to be of a correspondingly high standard. Cheap places to stay are very less everywhere, but especially in the coastal resorts, hill stations and backwater areas, where you might need to pay approximate INR 2500 for a room in a good guesthouse, while flashpacking in Kerala during the tourist season. During your Kerala holidays, you will be busy with the activities to do in Kerala as there are unlimited. 


Time to Visit

You will find a pleasant and equable climate throughout the year, Kerala is a tropical land with the coast running down its entire length and the Western Ghats forming a protective barrier against the dry winds from up north. 

- The monsoon season is from June to September & October to November.

- The summer season is from February till May. 

- Winter is from December till January. (Winter is only a slight drop in temperature from the normal range of 28-320C.)


People & Culture

Kerala is India's most literate and socially advanced state. The literacy rate for women is one of the highest in all of Asia and one of India's most progressive states in terms of social welfare and class of life. The people here enjoy a unique cosmopolitan viewpoint, which is reflected in their spirit of tolerance and catholicity outlook. This can be attributed to Kerala's composite culture to which several lands and races from across the world have contributed significantly. 

Through the ages, Kerala has established an outstanding ability to adapt to new traditions and values in almost every sphere of human thought. This positive response to changes and challenges is what sets the Kerala people as well as the society different. 

Activities to do in Kerala


Ayurvedic centres, Visit Kathakali schools, Visit Kalari centre for martial art, Elephant camp of Kodanad and Athirapalli waterfalls day trip, Mountain bike tours, Cochin Harbour Sunset Cruise, Visit St. Francis Church, Climb a coconut tree and Buy spices


Visit Tata Tea Museum, Visit Eravikulam National Park, Visit Sandalwood forests at Marayoor, Enjoy Tandem ride/paragliding in Munnar, Cycling in Munnar, Tea Gardens tour in Munnar, Trekking & Camping, Visit to Echo point

Alleppy (Backwaters): 

Houseboat sailing in backwaters, Boating in backwaters, Canoeing & Kayaking, Village tours, Walking along with the paddy fields


Learn Ayurveda, Visit Zoological gardens


Jungle Walks / Game rides, Stay in a treehouse, Visit Spice Gardens, Visit Tea plantation, Elephant ride, Bamboo boat ride in Periyar



The culture and entertainment of Kerala are a vital part of the Indian culture and its diversity is remarkable. Kerala is home to unique dance forms. Kathakali is a drama dance that originated during the 17th century and is famous for its dramatic visage and explicit gestures.

Theyyam, on the other hand, is an ancient ritual worshipping art, where the performers are dressed and painted vibrantly. Kalarippayat is one of the oldest martial arts forms.

Kerala’s ABC starts with Ayurveda, originating from Kerala. It provides a relaxing experience that takes you into a spiritual trance and rejuvenates your entire body. There are many museums, theatres and heritage sites emphasizing these cultural events and offering learning courses.

Kerala’s known as ‘’God’s own country’’ for its hugely celebrated festivals. The multitudinous Hindu temples enlighten many times a year to pay homage to their Gods. Special food is served, and people dress up along with the caparisoned elephants. They are huge hits among tourists. 


The backwaters of Kerala are famous for their glistening labyrinth structure of lakes, lagoons, rivers and canals. The backwater region is vast and it has an enchantingly mystical view surrounded by the long coconut trees, a green oasis and a clear sky. Alleppey has a large network of canals, with the quality of Venice. It is also widely famous for the snake boat race. Kollam is another waterway, which is 71km from the city of Trivandrum and takes you on the longest cruise of 8 hours to Alleppey. If you’re on a wild expedition, then explore the untouched Kozhikode waterways.

Some of the coolest flashpacking water tour experiences are here and the options are plenty, such as overnight boathouse stay, cruises, bamboo boat rides, canoeing and kayaking.

Kerala is one place where you can live in nature. Ditch hotels! Rent cottages and houseboats. However, the most delightful stay in Kerala has to be in a treehouse where one can enjoy the secluded wilderness.


Adventure seekers can start flashpacking with a day trip to Kodanad Elephant camp and Athirapally falls. The camp symbolizes the countryside of Kerala, flowing alongside the Periyar River. It offers placid boat rides and elephant safaris. Athirapally falls also known as the ‘’Niagara falls of India’’ flow in the Anamudi mountains of the Western Ghats, which is just a two-hour ride away from the Kodanad camp. It is an important trekking point.

WAYANAD is one of the exotic hill stations of Kerala and it is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites, camping and trekking. People prefer to trek through the trails leading up to the rugged Chembra peak.

PERIYAR wildlife sanctuary is located in the middle of the Cardamom hills, wrapped with the blankets of savannah grasslands. It is a prominent location for the tiger and elephant preserve. ALLEPPEY owes its rich natural beauty to its clear backwaters.

KOCHI is another town popular for its spices. Its Sunset cruise frames utopian scenery with sun colouring the backwaters. St. Francis Church is one of the oldest churches highlighting the colonial touch.

MUNNAR, situated in the Idukki district is a hamlet in Kerala. It is one of a kind for the glorious tea plantations and the greenery. The favourite sport to explore here is cycling, tandem rides and paragliding. The landmark of this place is the Eravikulam national park.


Kerala rests conveniently on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. It is an abode to some of the world’s best beachscapes. Their exotic and gentle relaxing winds act as a great saviour to the rest of India’s sun-kissed locations. Among the many, these three beaches top our list.

The Kovalam Beach town; is just 16km from the city of Trivandrum. The most popular beach here is the ‘’Lighthouse beach’’.

Marari Beach is another famous beach, known for its lovely bohemian resorts. It is 11km away from Alleppey.

My third favourite pick has to be the Varkala beach. The speciality of this beach is that it is the only beach with huge cliffs alongside and it has many spas, shops and food courts that you can explore. Sunset from these beaches adds a cherry on top to the waves creating magical symphonies.  


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