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Flashpacking India brand is committed to operating the flashpacking tours in such a way to ensure we maximize the positive effects of tourism on the local economies, cultures, and the environment whilst minimizing any negative impacts; because Flashpacking tours are not only about the places but also about its people and culture.

We are committed to the sustainability of the environment so that our next generations can experience the same authenticity of the destination.  We teach our suppliers about sustainability and be respectful of cultures and traditions. We also help local NGOs in the Himalayas for the welfare of the local society and to promote the local economy with tourism. To empower women, we generally use women tour guides wherever available. We encourage our travelers for city sightseeing early in the morning to avoid the traffic jams. We advise them to take countryside hotels so that they can be away from the city crowd and can meet with locals to experience real Indian culture and hospitality. We avoid animal rides during our tours like the Elephant rides and we encourage our travelers for minimal use of plastic.


Green Tourism can be categorized as a tourism program that is - "Nature-based, ecologically sustainable, where education and interpretation is a major constituent and where local people are benefited."


There are a number of ways Flashpacking India works to achieve this.

•    Involves travel to natural flashpacking destinations

•    Minimizes impact of flashpacking on the local population

•    Builds environmental awareness through awareness campaigns 

•    Provides direct financial benefits for conservation of Local Culture and Heritage

•    Provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people

•    Respects local culture and people on a flashpacking tour.

•    Conservation of  biological diversity and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection

•    At Flashpacking India our primary concern is to disturb the natural resources, with minimal impact on the environment


Responsible Flashpacking:

• minimizes negative economic, environmental, and social impacts

• generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities

• improves working conditions and access to the industry

• involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances

• makes positive contributions to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage embracing diversity

• Flashpacking India provides more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a superior understanding of local cultural, social, and environmental issues

• Flashpacking India is a community that is culturally responsive, encourages value between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and coolness

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