South India Rural backpacking and flashpacking


With flashpacking India you get the complete flashpacking solution; from planning till your travel reviews. With Flashpacking India you get more than just a tour operator. We not only assist you with the flashpacking information and itineraries but encourage you to participate in a lot of activities during your trip. All our Flashpacking trips are designed by experienced flashpackers. We are not a travel company selling a fix set of hotels and transport. We are creating the experiences to the flashpackers as being a team of flashpackers we understand well what you want. Since beginning we are educating travellers regarding flashpacking. Our trips are genuine, educational, real, lively, inspiring, interactive, energetic and adventurous.


Trips designed by flashpacking India provided

-    Comfort accommodation

-    Educational travel activities & inspiring activities

-    Real cultural experience

-    Value for money travel


In addition to the services we offer, a good reason to use flashpacking India is that we respect the planet. We are an ecotourism company that believes in socially responsible travel, personal growth through cultural exchanges, and environmentally sustainable practices.

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