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Flashpacking through Leh-Ladakh, India

Updated: May 25, 2022

Leh: an amazing flashpacking destination in India. While flashpacking through India, planned to start from the Top i.e. from ladakh. After visiting the Taj booked the ticket to leh. Body rested but mind did not as I was soon to board an early flight to leh. - a cold desert, a heaven and my most awaited destination. I was flashpacking to leh with all the essential and not so essential stuff packed. Top notch view of Himalayas was splendid. Sun shining high on snow clad mighty peaks of Himalayas. After announcement of arrival in leh,

adrenaline took control and I was ready and excited to step out. My first glance made me amazed to see the beauty. I am at the base, snow covered mountains all around and clear blue sky. This is what the identity of Ladakh that fascinates and allures tourists all over the world. Everyone caution us to be slow, so in slow motion, I took my luggage, visit a medical room (just to be assured) and then took my cab to the hotel booked already as was traveling in peak season. Ladakh is also a must visit destination while Flashpacking to India. Just don’t forget to bring your digital SLR.

At the hotel, Kashmiri tea silenced my cold nerves. I stick to the aphorism- no activity on day one as guided by flashpacking India. Actually, a little movement is causing a lot of strain on the body. Though Ladakh is a place of exploration but I planned the trip in advance and made bookings for even a small move being a smart Flashpacker. Journey started on the next sunny day, body rejuvenated and flying high on energy to experience the beauty of the lost kingdom. My first destination was sangam, confluence of rivers zangska and Indus and an amazing, adventurous place for rafting. It was picturesque and 5-6 kms. Ride on raft was a memorable experience. My next moves were to magnetic hill that actually defies gravity (an exception to newton's law) and patthar sahib temple with a religious story to tell. The magnetic hill, almost triangular, has distinct shade from other neighbouring hills actually moved us in a neutral car. I also visited Kali mandir, 150 steps to the temple were now possible and army museum, my attraction was siachen army gear for which I rushed quickly through all other informations. Day was hectic in this high altitude world, so I went straight to the bed.

After superlight breakfast, I was heading to nubra valley via khardung la pass (highest motorable road in the world). After steep ascent in the hills for nearly 40 kms, I was at khardung la and feeling was spellbinding. As a precautionary measure Maximum of 5 minutes was allowed for photo sessions. I quickly clicked the majestic snow laden hills. For nearly 3-4 hours ride, I was in nubra plains. Grey tint sand, river at bay and road in the middle, and my director bug was out to shoot but not allowed. Sand dunes, monastery and future Buddha was part of sightseeing. Grey sand and camel with two humps, vindicates Ladakh as a cold desert. Next time will surely plan to flashpack to other villages to Ladakh as had an amazing experience while Flashpacking in ladakh India.

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