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The Flashpacking Evolution.

Updated: May 25, 2022

The Flashpacker retains the ethos of backpackers, which is to have a real travel experience, but they take it to a new direction by good spending on the experiences and other activities. Flashpacking style of travel is getting famous in India not only among foreign travelers but domestic travelers as well. Flashpacking India is a community in India for the flashpackers so that they can meet in a single platform. Flashpackers are smarter travelers. Earlier flashpackers were backpackers but due to economic development and technology advancement they started turning into flashpackers.

Economic growth:

There are many backpacker turning into flashpacking as the economy in increasing, people are earning good money and want to spend in travel. Flashpackers in India like to travel in comfort than staying in hostels and guest houses.

Time constrains:

You might be a backpacker when you were student but when you start working you have limited time for holidays. So would rather prefer travelling by air than travelling by train for time saving.


Flashpackers are technically sound and they like being social. They are equipped with devices like tablet, smart phone, i-pod and a smart digital camera as photography is also important to flashpackers.

So what kind of traveler you are?

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